Feng Shui Your Office for Success!

Is your office giving you a pep talk, or is it reinforcing internal limiting beliefs? Here are 7 Feng Shui tips that will help you reimagine your space, and give you a new outlook!

Define success – what does it look like for you?

Success has many different facets, and while the corner office may be your idea of the ideal career path, another may value the consistency of a salaried position to allow for family time. Emotions can be stirred up by items on your desk. If you have a reminder there of a job that devalued your input, it would be best if you replaced it with something that inspired creativity. Choose items that represent personal inspiration and aspiration.

Choose your desk wisely

Metal and glass combo is to be avoided. This is because the perception of a metal hammer coming down on fragile glass can lead to feelings of “not safe” or impermanence. Wood is the best choice. Dark colors help with staying grounded, lighter colors for fast-moving industries.

Create your “Command Center”

Have a solid wall to your back and a full view of the door so as to see who is coming into the room. If you must face a wall, put an expansive scene of a forest path or similar imagery in front of you to give your energy somewhere to go.

Grow your business with plants

By placing a business card underneath a thriving plant, you can symbolically “grow” your business. Living plants generate negative ions, which reduce stress and mitigate the high electromagnetic fields that radiate from your computer or cell phone. Artificial plants don’t count, as they actually create more stagnation. After all, you don’t have to water them or even pay attention to them!

Heavy boxes “weigh” you down

Stuff on the floor symbolizes your past.  Too much “storage” on the floor means that you can’t let go of previous hurts, failures, or disappointments, and will sabotage future success. Items at eye level represent the “here and now”. Future dreams & goals should be placed on a shelf or bulletin board that you look up at.

Physically separate your Work space from your Home space as much as possible

If you work from home at times, try to place your desk as far away from the main flow of the living areas as possible. If in the kitchen, don’t face your desk so you look into the kitchen area or else you’ll find that you are “snacking” as a way to avoid doing work. Place a rug as a visual divider to separate these spaces.


I can’t stress this enough. Having your work space in the bedroom, even if it’s not used on a regular basis, will generate resentment with your intimate partner. If you have no intimate partner, work will become a “relationship substitute”, and will block a new person from entering your life. If the bedroom is the only place you can work, then create a separate space with a hanging curtain or a room divider screen so you can “shut the door” on the office. Never work on your laptop in bed. It’s for sleeping and intimacy, not emailing or reviewing files!

Your success at work depends on your ability to focus. By using these tips, you increase your mindfulness of the stories that your things are telling you. Remember, you are the architect of your experiences. A few small changes can create amazing ripples!

Beverly Biehl is a Feng Shui consultant, Creation Catalyst, Energy Alchemist and a Coincidence Creator. She helps clients who’ve been feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unsatisfied shift into a space of Joy and Abundance.  Her website is, and she can be reached at 214-679-3498 or