Reduce employee turnover. Improve internal harmony. Increase profitability.

I can help you do all of this with a custom business consultation and regular energy enhancements. You have the power to impact your cubicle, home office, coworking spot, or entire building. Focus your energy, increase your revenue. It’s really that simple!


Each business I have worked with is the same. They want maximum profitability and minimize employee turnover. It takes time and money to retrain people, and never mind the downtime of trying to find the right ones in the first place. Those forward-thinking business owners who have made space for the role of energy in their work environment have been rewarded with increased revenue, greater employee satisfaction, and reduced absenteeism. 

I teach lunch and learns on the power of intention when setting up a cubicle. I spend hours and even days in corporate offices doing energy clearings and suggesting major and minor adjustments in the spaces. I work with employees whose personal struggles may be interfering with their ability to focus on their work, returning them to productivity in a matter of minutes. Teams begin to perform better once they learn how to let go of their patterns of assumptions and behaviors that have little to do with the other team members.

The biggest value I offer for my corporate clients is the knowledge that I’m there to support the entire organism. Not just the profit center, not just the owners and C-Suite, but all of the supporting players in their success. People may not understand exactly what I’m doing, but they can feel how much I care about them. And sometimes that’s all they need to shift out of their bad day, and into their best day.

If you are curious how I can help you, let’s talk. Each situation is different, so a Discovery Session is key.


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Beverly, you are a big part of the success at Poo-Pourri!

Thank you.

Suzy Batiz, CEO and Founder, Poo-Pourri

Beverly has been an integral part of The Poo Crew for the past 3 years. Her feng shui assessments and energy clearing techniques have provided clarity, guidance, and peaceful harmony as we have grown during this time.

Her ability to tap into “The Woo” helps our company stay focused on our core mission of making bathroom time delightfully productive by eliminating the intangible energetic “funk”. She even helps our employees unclench by working with them on an individual basis with her Intuitive Coaching.

Productivity increases after each visit, and it lasts for many weeks. We are a fast-paced company that is driven by our CEO’s belief that intuition is integral to business success, and Beverly is a very important piece of that.

Janette Holmes

Director of Knowledge, Poo~Pourri

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Dear Beverly, it's been over a year since my company, Art of Cloth, has had you out here to Cleveland to work your magic and do a feng shui analysis of the company.  I am so ready for another breath of fresh air and new energy which I know would happen if you came and visited us again!  

Big shifts happened when you visited before.  In our sales and administrative office, you helped us to create the physical space that supported the holistic changes we were making in our structure.  We wanted to bring the entire sales and marketing team together in one space, and together, we reconfigured the space, planned out the needed construction and you topped it off by selecting fresh, gorgeous paint colors that reflected our new direction.  Now, a year later, it still works for us so well.  Sales are rocking!

Finding out that our main bathroom was actually the Wealth Corner of our building was quite a shock.  But, since you were here, we have remodeled that dingy, dark bathroom into a lovely, well-appointed, abundant-looking restroom, which everyone enjoys.

So, we have more big changes going on here at Art of Cloth.  I call it AOC 2.0!  We have a re-organization going on, which will support healthier and more effective Production and Design departments.  We are re-branding ourselves to really show the world who Art of Cloth really amazing company that happens to sell gorgeous clothing, but is really about connecting women with who they really are!  

Thanks for being a part of our transformation!  

Rose Corrick, CEO/Designer, Art of Cloth, Chagrin Falls, OH

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At our company retreat, Beverly taught us how to respond instead of reacting when in difficult workplace situations. She also provided clear guidance on how to reduce the toxic emotional + physical clutter that was holding our office hostage. As a result, our work culture has greatly improved. Beverly contributed significantly to our growth and success, and or this, we are extremely appreciative.

Kadena Tate-Simon, CEO and Founder, 50 Shades of Paid Intl