Energy Transformation Session

WHAT IS an energy transformation SESSION?

We operate on more levels than just the physical. During our session, I connect with you on the Emotional plane, the Energetic plane, and the Etheric plane. Think of these as tree rings and it makes more sense.

During our session, I use guided visualizations to help you shift the stories that you’ve been telling yourself. Some of these stories have been stored in your DNA (see: epigenetics), and others seem to have roots in a past life. I follow the energy and allow it lead me to the root, where you can then re-imagine a different story for yourself.


Transformation work can be tiring, especially if there is a major cornerstone pattern that is being rewritten, so you might feel sleepy while I guide you in some of the deeper visualization work. I use bodily cues to pinpoint energy that needs to be removed, so you may experience temporary fullness in your head, or a feeling of heaviness in your body while the energy is moving out of your system.

Please make all efforts to be in a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted. Have a glass of water available, since this can be thirsty work. Ideally, allow yourself time for a rest after the session.


Often, a client will appear in my mind as if they were a hologram, so I am guided to physical areas to focus on. I am not a medical professional, so I don’t advise on treating conditions that are best left to healers with training in physical ailments. However, once the energy that may be contributing to physical pain and discomfort is eliminated, you might experience a lessening of your symptoms.


Click one the payment buttons below to schedule and pay for your Energy Transformation session. Once you've booked your session, you will receive a questionnaire that will help us maximize our time together. Please fill this out prior to our session so I may review it before you are on the phone.


Your transformation session is $180, and will last between 45-90 minutes on average. Please allow a two hour window to allow for extra processing time if needed.

Package pricing is also available.


There are no refunds for this service. Instead, I will donate a session to a person of your choice. Please email with their info and I will contact them to reserve their time.