Remote Feng Shui Consultation

On-Site Consultation requests must call before booking, 214-679-3498

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Maybe you've heard…

…stories of how using Feng Shui helped people get a better job, a new relationship, or even help them during an illness. Or your house feels "heavy" and lifeless and you just can't figure out what to do about it.

So you read some books. You tried to install some "cures". You may have even had someone come and take a look at your place and make some suggestions. Yet you are still finding the same nagging issues hanging on. It's frustrating. I get it. I've been there. 

The challenge is that I can't be everywhere at once. As much as I would LOVE to be able to snap my fingers and be instantly transported to your home, it's just not possible. (Unless you want to buy me a plane ticket! If so, let's talk!)

When you are ready to have a professional take a look at your floor plan, I invite you to hire me.



What I need prior to your appointment

Please provide a detailed floor plan or blueprint with windows, doors, and interior walls as well as the birth dates of each household member.

DURING this consultation, we will do the following:

- Talk about your needs and challenges

- Evaluate your family's energy by looking at each member's birth charts (including furry family members if known)

- Assess the Earth Energy that may be impacting your home/office, such as ley lines, underground water veins, or energy vortexes

- Look for Poison Arrows (Sha Chi) and ways to adjust for them

- Create a customized Bagua map over your floor plan and identify opportunity areas


- Develop a step by step plan to complete over time, including paint colors, artwork, shapes, and textures to focus on

- Your consultation includes 2 bottles of Joy Water energy clearing spray that will be mailed post consultation

- I will also be available for 30 days to clarify any suggestions made during the consultation.


No refunds, but if you give at least 24 hour notice, we can reschedule once. After that, there will be no schedule changes. No transfers.


Why do I need to send the floor plan?

I NEED an accurate floor plan of your space. I cannot stress this enough. In order to get the energy alignment right, I must know where the doors, windows, and interior walls are placed. It can mean the difference between having a windfall financial year, or one that chips away at your financial security. Graph paper, a tape measure, and an eye for detail can make all the difference, or you can call a local architect to come out and do a drawing for you if you don't have one already. Once, I had a client give me one from a foundation repair company when they came out to do a bid. Hand-drawn scribbles will not be accepted.

How long will this take?

Please allow up to 2 hours for the consultation itself. 

Why Feng Shui?

We all get to choose how to live. Feng Shui helps you to choose wisely and with intention. And who doesn't enjoy stacking the odds in their favor? 

Why can’t I book you immediately for an on-site consultation?

The price for an on-site consultation depends on how large your space is, how many floors, and where the property is located. There is a trip charge for any property outside of a 30 mile radius from my home in South Austin.