Not every retreat is created equally. Some are designed to fulfill your every delicious fantasy. Others are bare-bones exercises in primitive settings. The common ground is the fact that each participant carved out time and space to achieve their personal goals. It’s key to do this on a regular basis, even if it’s just you, a hotel room, and a wifi connection that isn’t your home. Laundry has a way of zapping your creativity, even with the best of intentions.

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RECLAIM YOUR JOY! March15-17, 2019, Dallas,texas

This retreat is designed for women who have forgotten how to reconnect with their inner effervescence. During the 3 day retreat, those blocks that keep you from your Joy will be peeled back. Using intentional movement, guided imagery, wordplay, and community, you will begin to find that playful spark that still lives inside.


write like you mean it! october 2020, ireland

How many times have you been told “The world needs to hear your story!”, only to put it in the “someday” pile? Now may be the time for you to dust that idea off and give it voice! During this week long retreat, you’ll have plenty of solitude for focused writing, along with meditation, local tours, and shared meals. This retreat will be limited in number, with more details to follow.


Discover your intuitivity! may 2020, TBD

Intuition plus Creativity equals Intuitivity, the magical state where Divine Flow and Inspired Action connects. We will explore various artistic mediums and textures that correspond with the 5 elements of Wind, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Through understanding these, you’ll get a better idea of why you move through the world like you do.