Let’s face it - you can't grow a sustainable business without happy customers.

I’m honored to share the experiences of my former and existing clients.


"I just can't get over how different everything feels this evening. The slight change you made in the LR furniture shifted something big in the whole house. The space clearing in my office purged out the old and made room for the new. And the envisioning energy work in the bedroom has lifted my heart and my spirit. No more sadness or resentment! Thank you is not enough..."

Geri M, Plano, Texas


 "Just wanted to drop in and say thank you again! Since you worked with me a week ago I have continually slept for longer periods of time. I can't tell you how long it's been since I slept a 6 hour block of time, but I know it has been well over a year. And now I have slept in 5 and 6 hour blocks every night since working with you!! I feel sooooo much better! You're awesome Beverly!"

 Ann F., Frisco, TX


"I met Beverly February 2, 2014 at The Dallas Psychic Fair. At the encouraging of a friend I sought out Beverly and had her unclog my energy. Beverly is amazing. When our 15min session was over, I felt better than I have in years. I could literally feel my shoulders getting lighter and the weight of years of stress and worry leave my body. I think the most important thing she told me was about a person that had come recently into my life. I could not walk away from this person, no matter how hard I tried and wanted to. I consciously knew he was not going to be good for me, but my strong subconscious would not let me walk away. Beverly found that this person has been in my past for 130 lifetimes. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. What she did to help me was incredible. I am writing this testimonial on February 3, 2014 and I feel better today than I did yesterday after I saw her. If she can do that for me in 15min, I can just imagine what a full hour with her would be like. I was not a big believer in this, but I did see Beverly with an open mind. I am glad I did."

Louise E.


"I had never heard of Energy Clearing or knew that this type of help existed. I am amazed at what Beverly was able to do in such a short amount of time. Best of all there was no need for me to continue to discuss my problems over and over. Unable to 'let go' or come to terms with past grievances I miraculously found Beverly Biehl. I knew that I did not want to go to counseling or therapy where I would have to discuss these concerns over and over.

When I met Beverly for the first time I gave her a very brief summary of what was troubling me. Within 15 to 20 minutes she was able to clear out some negative thought patterns that I had been holding onto for years. I chose to meet with Beverly for more energy clearing sessions. With her help I have been able to move on with life in a positive and productive manner.

Beverly is a very caring and loving person. I know that I have found my 'go to guru' when I need help healing from bumps in the road as I go through life. I am forever grateful for all that Beverly has done for me."

Marta N.


I am newly married and my husband and I built a brand new home together. When we moved in, the house never felt like home to me. My husband is a total neat freak and my house constanly looks like no one even lives here. (I know most think, why am I complaining!!) Some one had told me about Feng Shi so I found Beverly on the internet and thought what the heck I will give it a try. As she was going through our study my husband had a rhinestone skull on his desk. Beverly told me she didn't like the energy it was putting off and that I should get rid of it. I told my husband and he said it was his office and he was leaving it there. (I think he thought we were crazy...hahaha) Well a few months go by and we started a new business.

Everything that could possibly go wrong started going wrong. I took it upon myself to call Beverly and ask if there was anything she could do energetically to help with the business. The first thing she asked me was, "is that skull still in your study?" It was and she told me to get rid of it immediately. I told my husband and once again he said I am not throwing it away but I will move it to the garage. The next day our business started running so smoothly it was unbelievable.

The skull was in the garage on the tool box facing my husbands car. When he got in it the next day the transmission light when on. I said that's it get rid of that skull, so he said ok but I don't have the heart to throw it away it was $50 so he gave it to his buddy. The next day his transmission light in his car went off and 2 days later his buddy called and said what the heck did you guys give me?? I have been having nightmares and waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats. I said what were the dreams? He said my boss called and said we lost all our accounts and we were going to have to start completely over!!!

Needless to say Beverly knew what she was doing and my family is now firm believers in energy work!! Thank you Beverly!! (oh and the skull is long gone)!! :)

Lauren P.


Beverly identified an object in my fame sector that was dampening my visibility and suggested I move it out for seven days and see what happened. In the next 18 hours I got half as much new work as I'd had the entire rest of the month. Within days I was invited onto an AM radio interview and, even bigger news, a teen-aged relative initiated contact for the first time EVER and asked to get together. Since then word of mouth has continued to soar. I feel like a veil of invisibility has been lifted and that people are seeing me for the first time in years.

Kathy Biehl (no relation)



After my divorce two years ago, my life had become a routine of keeping my head above water, and starting any new creative projects in my home had fallen way down on my priority list. I was keeping up, but didn’t feel particularly inspired to make any changes. Beverly suggested I read “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” to get me started on those changes. Right after making a few simple adjustments, I got 4 orders in 2 weeks from one of my retailers for my home business, from whom I had not heard from in months.

Beverly’s passion, enthusiasm, and expertise are contagious, and her advice has inspired me to make so many necessary changes to my life. I am more aware of how my surroundings influence my mood and well being. I am feeling more creatively and physically charged to make changes and be open to different ideas.

I am more aware and focused on areas of my life that need attention. I feel that because of her influence and feedback, I have the tools to improve my life. She has given me instructions that are easy to follow, and always has an immediate response to any questions I’ve had. I am feeling more positive and optimistic, and I’m sure that because of my mood change, it has improved the lives of my children as well. She has helped me realize that simply by clearing out both emotional and physical clutter, I can let go of the negativity and bad habits of my past that have been holding me back.. I feel there are many good things coming my way, thanks to her help.

Layne A., Kansas City, KS


I got a full price offer in the 1st week after the St. Joseph statue was buried. Thanks to you. That property had been sitting vacant for 10 months! You are cool. Thanks for your help.

Preeti Talati, Weichert, Realtors


Dear Beverly,

Thank you for taking time out to help me with my Feng Shui! I can already feel a difference for the better!! I'm referring you to all my friends!

Peggy E., Lewisville, TX


Recently I heard Beverly's excellent presentation on Feng Shui. Today, as I went about my house making the adjustments necessary to improve energy flow,I realized that my bed covers the "Health" part of the Bagua chart.

I also remembered that I had stored under my bed a beautiful white- plaster body cast done of me by an artist a decade ago.

In 2004, a mover damaged the sculpture, so I'd kept it wrapped in storage for four years. Last year, I placed the padded piece under the bed. Today, as I pulled it out, I could not remember where it was damaged, so I unwrapped it to take a look.

I was shocked to see that the entire right hip and thigh were broken off. I now am in physical therapy for a recent, painful injury to the right sacral joint, hip and thigh. What's more, the current injury is the latest caused by a succession of accidents beginning in late 2004, all of which injured the right hip and thigh.

I have sent golden light into the sculpture to heal the break and placed it in the "Creativity and Children" section of the Bagua - where white objects, art and symbols of creativity are power tools.

I expect that my own healing will be accelerated and permanent!

Thank you, Bev.



Our multi-million dollar home had sat on the market for over 3 years. We had other feng shui consultants and energy workers come out to the property. It wasn't until she identified the blocks in the surrounding land and in some property left over from my ex-husband that the house finally sold and released us to pursue our new lives. The home sold in the time frame that she shared, too!

Cheryl S., formerly of Austin, now of NC! 


"I want to thank you for the vital role you have played in my evolution. Looking back on the past 15 months since we've met...I have grown an incredible amount. Thank you for hosting the workshop where I met you and many others for the first time. Thank you for being who you are and staying your path. I truly know I would not be enjoying happiness I am if it were not for your choices warmth screw ups and triumphant dreams."

Kenny Jay, Plano, TX

My daughter and I went to see Beverly a few months ago.  It seemed like I was always taking two steps forward and 3 steps backwards in my life and needed Beverly to clear some negative energy that I knew must have been around me.  Well after a couple of sessions, I noticed a big difference in not only the way I felt but in how I started to view life.  It was as if an iron mask had been removed from around me and I could finally move forward without taking those dreaded steps backwards.  My daughter had a couple of sessions with Beverly also because she would notice that friends would come into her life then would disappear out of her life just as fast and they came in and we didn't know why.   Beverly was able to tell us why and after working on that plus some other things during her session, my daughter now has 3 friends she has been hanging out with all summer.  She also now has a job that she really likes and the best part is she didn't even have to work for this job; it just fell into her lap. Needless to say we are very happy with Beverly’s negative energy clearing sessions and would highly recommend a session with her if you are feeling stuck in life and want things to change -- Thanks so much Beverly!!  

P.C  Plano, TX 


“I met Beverly when I was working on a building project that was experiencing economic and staffing challenges. It became clear to me that this project needed her expertise. Beverly presented herself in a very professional manner. She gathered information and got a feel for what was needed before she went to the site. Beverly also sought out additional expert help. I noticed her dedication to the project. It required a lot of work. The facility had been financially struggling and within a quarter they were turning a profit. It is easy to recommend Beverly. Her intuitive abilities are impressive. Beverly has a real solid combination of knowledge of feng shui principles and the ability to translate that into modern, three-dimensional language that people can understand.”


Suzan Jonz-Perez, M.Ed., MRET

Master Rapid Eye Technician, Reiki Master Teacher

Living Well Health and Wellness Center


“Beverly was extremely professional. We were interested in focusing on energy and how it affected the environment and people. Beverly looked at the *** building location, the adjoining properties, the power lines and the interior. She felt the property was unwelcoming, and she did interventions to fix the things she found. The most important thing she did, from our perspective, was giving us feedback regarding some of the things we needed to do. At our *** and *** facilities, we did see an initial big growth in census [occupancy] that we thought was related to her visit.”

Meera Riner

Vice President, Facility Operations

Nexion Health



“Beverly was an outstanding individual to work with. She was very well prepared and came with a lot of information. Her perspective is different, and it’s been very valuable. It gave me a different way to look at buildings. Beverly very much had a positive impact on the staff. I had people come up to her and ask questions. Beverly really helped them understand positive energy. She did a fantastic job explaining how feng shui principles work. She was very open. I do think we’re seeing a much more calm working environment.”


Cindi Phillips

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Nexion Health


At our company retreat, Beverly taught us how to respond instead of reacting when in difficult workplace situations. She also provided clear guidance on how to reduce the toxic emotional + physical clutter that was holding our office hostage. As a result, our work culture has greatly improved. Beverly contributed significantly to our growth and success, and or this, we are extremely appreciative.

Kadena Tate-Simon

CEO and Founder, 50 Shades of Paid Intl



I used Beverly's Feng Shui services to help me with my counseling practice. I was trying many different approaches to build my clientele, but nothing seemed to be working. Beverly helped rearrange my office, carefully changing the location and placement of each item in the space; removing certain items and suggesting certain items i could add to improve the energy flow in the space. Shortly thereafter, she asked me how my practice was going. My answer? "My practice is FULL! I have all the clients I want!" I feel more relaxed and comfortable in the space and my clients always comment on how good the space feels as well. The changes she made were easy to make, and there is no denying how much better the space feels and how much more smoothly the work I do in the space goes. I look forward to getting her into my home for an energetic overhaul.

Heidi S.


Beverly, thanks for the wonderful insights. You will hear from me again, as I adjust things and need your consult. You have a wonderful touch and I appreciate the intuitive and thoughtful approach you bring to bear.

Jim Flegle, Loewinsohn & Flegle L.L.P.


Dear Beverly, it's been over a year since my company, Art of Cloth, has had you out here to Cleveland to work your magic and do a feng shui analysis of the company.  I am so ready for another breath of fresh air and new energy which I know would happen if you came and visited us again!  

Big shifts happened when you visited before.  In our sales and administrative office, you helped us to create the physical space that supported the holistic changes we were making in our structure.  We wanted to bring the entire sales and marketing team together in one space, and together, we reconfigured the space, planned out the needed construction and you topped it off by selecting fresh, gorgeous paint colors that reflected our new direction.  Now, a year later, it still works for us so well.  Sales are rocking!

Finding out that our main bathroom was actually the Wealth Corner of our building was quite a shock.  But, since you were here, we have remodeled that dingy, dark bathroom into a lovely, well-appointed, abundant-looking restroom, which everyone enjoys.

So, we have more big changes going on here at Art of Cloth.  I call it AOC 2.0!  We have a re-organization going on, which will support healthier and more effective Production and Design departments.  We are re-branding ourselves to really show the world who Art of Cloth really is...an amazing company that happens to sell gorgeous clothing, but is really about connecting women with who they really are!  

Thanks for being a part of our transformation!  

Rose Corrick, CEO/Designer

Art of Cloth

Chagrin Falls, OH



Beverly is such a positive and caring consultant. Her advice is practical and focused. I immediately noticed a lift in my energy during our consultation for my office. That afternoon, two new clients started working with me and another contract I thought was finished for the year has additional work for me. I highly recommend Beverly and can’t wait to bring her back to work on my home.

kathy garland



My home had been on the market for well over two years when someone suggested that I see Beverly Biehl for her intuitive feng shui services. I found her to be knowledgeable, professional and helpful. She worked on my home and in less than six weeks, I had a good offer. I am grateful to Beverly for helping me to get unstuck and to be able to move forward with my life.

Irene Weiss **all work done remotely


Beverly has been an integral part of The Poo Crew for the past 3 years. Her feng shui assessments and energy clearing techniques have provided clarity, guidance, and peaceful harmony as we have grown during this time.

Her ability to tap into “The Woo” helps our company stay focused on our core mission of making bathroom time delightfully productive by eliminating the intangible energetic “funk”. She even helps our employees unclench by working with them on an individual basis with her Intuitive Coaching.

Productivity increases after each visit, and it lasts for many weeks. We are a fast-paced company that is driven by our CEO’s belief that intuition is integral to business success, and Beverly is a very important piece of that.

Janette Holmes

Director of Knowledge, Poo~Pourri


Suzy Batiz, Founder and CEO, Poo-Pourri

Suzy Batiz, Founder and CEO, Poo-Pourri