9 weeks to positive change and inner peace

Everyone has something that bugs them.

We all would like to snap our fingers and suddenly lose 10 pounds, win the lottery, or have our lover appear out of thin air.

Without a plan and directed action, though, this is just magical thinking and leads down the path to frustration, despair, and is a form of self-sabotage.

That’s why I created Un-Becoming: 9 Weeks to Positive Change and Inner Peace.

This program offers a group coaching program online and a live 3-day retreat.



Sighting a rainbow has long been believed to be a promise of good things to come.

You know the story of the pot of gold at the end of it? You’ll never reach it unless you take action.

Have you been sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to put you in the game?

Being the “good girl” hoping someone will notice you?

Feeling confused at what a “real man” is supposed to be in this new day and age?

Pretending that everything is OK because it’s not “appropriate” to express strong emotions like anger and sadness?

What else have you been tolerating or secretly yearning for but are too afraid to admit?

We have been conditioned to believe that it is unbecoming to aspire to powerful leadership positions. That it is unflattering if we take up space with our size, our personality, or our vision. That it is inappropriate to express our opinions with directness and forthrightness. That it’s not dignified to cry, or to express anything other than positivity.

I call bullshit.

If you are done playing the game with arcane rules that keep you stuck in old cycles of sabotage and wheel-spinning, let’s work together, in a group setting, and support each other while we re-learn how to be in our strength and vitality. We will learn how being in harmony with our Divine Masculine and our Divine Feminine creates opportunities for understanding, and how we can then become templates for those around us to become more balanced as well. And we will see how all of this shows up in the space around us.

We’ll take a 9 week journey through your world to see what blocks have been in place, how to release them, and how to anchor the new desired outcomes.


This isn't just for women. It isn't just for men. It is for PEOPLE who are tired of walking through life feeling like they are on a hamster wheel, and want that to turn into a spiral staircase. Or, better yet, an elevator with an express button. 

I can't promise that your world will suddenly become filled with lavish riches, or instantly better health or job prospects. I CAN promise that the filters that you've been viewing the world through will get a thorough cleaning. And once you begin to see things as they are vs what you've been told they should be, watch out! That's when the serendipity begins and others around will start to notice something different about you. 


That's what the Facebook group is for, because it's hard to explain to the uninitiated what is happening for you. We are here for each other. 

This rainbow is an invitation to more love, joy, wellness and abundance. Are you willing to accept these gifts?

The group experience affords you an opportunity to support one another as you:

  • Expand your capacity for happiness and joy.

  • Create a life in which you can smile, laugh, and enjoy life.

  • Feel happy, radiant, and alive.

  • Create an environment that supports your happiness.

  • Release negativity, worry, and painful emotions

  • Change your thoughts to positive ones

  • Feel, be, and radiate inner happiness.

Are you ready to receive?





Ever since I started working with Feng Shui, I've noticed that synchronicity follows me and those who’ve worked with me.

Is it because I truly am a miracle worker? Nah. I just help you see where you have been getting in your own way.

A little more about me and how I work…

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9 week coaching program deliverables

As a part of this group coaching program, you will receive both an online and in-person experience.

Online Experience - How It Works


9 Pre-Recorded Masterclasses with Beverly Biehl. Each week we will focus on a separate location in your home and how it relates to what is happening in your life. You will discover how to maximize the potential of your space with a mid-week email to encourage you to journal your insights and shift things in your space.


2 Individual Coaching Sessions with Beverly Biehl. Together we will unpack the clutter in your mind and in your space to find the True You

10 LIVE 60 minute Group Q and A sessions. Weekly opportunity for the group to meet via Zoom to have your questions answered. All sessions will be recorded.


Weekly email reminders will encourage you to examine the specific sector of your home or office for things that may be hindering your progress. This way you don’t spin into overwhelm with daily tasks. I know…I’ve been there. Too many times I felt like a failure because I got a couple of days behind, so I just gave up. I don’t want that to happen to you. It’s hard to shift out of old habits. That’s why I made this a group effort. By doing this together, we create a community of support, accountability, and connection. I’m not afraid to call people out if they try to hide behind their fears, and I’m equally unafraid to throw a big ol’ party when one of the group has a breakthrough! Y’all, we are in this together!

JoyTribe - Un-Becoming private group

- Private Facebook group to aid in accountability and support, separate from the main JoyTribe group.


Free admission to a 3 day in-person retreat during week 10 at my home in Austin, TX (hotel,airfare, and other transportation not included.


The start date of the program is Monday, June 3rd, 2019, with the weekly calls coming on the following Monday morning.

The retreat will be held the week of September 4-7th, 2019, and will cover any questions that you still need assistance with, as well as having time to journal, relax, and walk a labyrinth or two. 

I look forward to working with the select few who are ready to create a new vision for themselves!


The value of this program is priceless.

The investment per person is $1,488 if paid in full. I also accept a payment plan of 3 installments of $550 to be paid in full by June 1st, 2019. This is the Beta pricing, and future events may increase or decrease in cost.

Why such an unusual number? Well, 1+4=5, the number of personal freedom and adventure, and double 8's for double the infinite abundance, power, and strength!


Our policy is that you can cancel and receive a full refund up to June 1st. After that, there are no refunds.

(Beverly, I need a Paypal link with the payment options breakdown to link to the payment button.)

https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#SU484F3TQ5JZWFDE (paid in full link)

You’ll need to help me walk through the payment options. I’m not familiar with this.