Work with Beverly

If you want a world that is filled with joy, beauty, and serendipity, then let’s talk. Your mindset impacts the skills you acquire, which impacts the work that you do, which directly impacts the type of home you live in. By addressing one, you create opportunities in all other areas of your life.

It’s my joy and purpose to help you begin the journey of creating your own magical reality!



Whether your home won't sell, you haven't had a restful night in a while, or you just can't get comfortable in your space, call me. Your home will tell me what the issue is.



Reduce employee turnover, improve internal communication, and increase profitability with regular energy enhancements. Even if it's just your own cubicle.

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Everything around you is selected using a series of internal filters. If those belief systems aren't addressed, your environment may change but the patterns will repeat.